The nature of New Old Stock parts is that the market is constantly changing. We try to keep our prices competitive but other factors such as supply and rarity are paramount to our pricing policies. You can be assured that any item you buy from this site is offered for the price listed until sold. No exceptions. There may be some parts on the site that will require you to contact us by email for current pricing. We do not list parts we do not have in our possession and we do not have backorders. We also DO NOT ACCEPT OFFERS. The price is the price!


As our site expands we will be listing more items. Our inventory currently includes over 23,000 part numbers of NOS Chrysler from 1930’s to the 1980’s, and over 80,000 individual parts. In addition we have over 25,000 NOS GM, Ford, and aftermarket parts for older models. These lines include, but are not limited to, the following: Moog, Stant, Everco, Delco, Autolite, Vulcan, Wagner, Bendix, Raybestos, Airtex, and more. We will be listing a limited number of used parts in the future. We are ALWAYS looking for more NOS inventories!!

Orders & 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Our warehouse is off site, which means we can only offer shipping within 24 to 48 hours. We DO NOT DO EXPRESS MAIL or UPS OVERNIGHT packaging. The majority of our items are sent US Mail (Priority, Parcel Post or First Class). YOU MUST CHOOSE AND PAY FOR A SHIPPING OPTION. WE DO NOT OFFER FREE SHIPPING. We will use UPS on occasion for over-sized packages. Most items we sell are subject to our 14-day money back guarantee unless the item has been installed. If you have any questions about an item and it’s guarantee, our return policy, or any of our other policies, please feel free to contact us by email.


We do not manufacture or design any of the parts we sell. All items have been purchased through individuals and other agencies and are SAE tested. Therefore we do not accept or imply any liability with the parts that we sell. That risk lies solely with the buyer. Any purchases made from this website are made with this understanding.

Third-Party Dealers

If you deal in NOS parts and find something we have that you need for a customer, we will drop ship that item for an additional $10.00 fee over your total cost. This will be done by any USPS option you choose EXCEPT Express Mail. Please contact us and pre-order if you need the total up front.