NOS Mopar Heater Control Valve 1969-71 Dodge Truck W/ Model 50 Heater



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Heater Control Valve:

This is the heater control valve or heater shut off valve for all of the years and models listed below.¬† This fits ONLY these models with Model 50 heaters. If you do not know what model heater you have then compare yours to the picture. If it’s similar than it’s the one you need. NOTE; This is the “PULL TO CLOSE” valve which is similar in appearance to the 1963-8 valve [2239281]. This WILL NOT FIT 1963-8 models due to the fact that the earlier valve is a pull to open variety. I do have the 2239281 valve available on this site. Original new old stock Chrysler part but no original packaging. NOTE; These valves are new but have plating issues from storage. If you need a “100 point” valve for show duty then pass on this one.

Part Number:



1969; 1970, 1971



Model Fitment:

Dodge Truck:

D100; W100; D200; W150; W200; D300; W300; Power Wagon; D400; D500; D600; D700; D800


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